Mazurkas CSR

Our policy in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility is being reflected in the following aspects:

Preparation&Realisation of the Event

Preparation&Realisation of the Event

• We pay carefull attention to how much materials is printed out or, even better, carry out ”paperless” events beginning with sending announcements and invitations per e-mail, supplying participants with materials in electronic format on-site etc.;
• Multiuse name tags, signage and badges that are collected after the event and can be reused in future events;
• Bring on-site only what is absolutely needed to the event’s realisation; afterwards, take away what has been not handed out;
• Assign an ”environmental officer” who is responsible for the compliance of the event management on-site with our green policy;
• We train clean-up crews to sort out recyclable and reusable items from the garbage;
• We raise awareness by our suppliers and business partners and make efforts to involve them in green policy promotion.


Everyday Office& Marketing Activity

• Raising environmental awareness by the employees by carrying out the series of thematic trainings and workshops contributing not only to the better knowledge but also to integration and fun;

• Giving up traditional ways of marekting and promotion such as printing out catalogues and its paper shipment to potential clients towards newsletters and links to materials sent them via e-mail;


Our main goal is to utilize transport in a sustainable manner i. a.
• The regular maintenance of our fleet vehicles to ensure their efficiency and as small negative impact on the environment as possible e. g. every-week check of tire pressure and exhaust emission;
• Keep abreast of state-of-the-art fuel and vehicles technologies and developments;
• Take advantage of local initiatives, like bus only lanes, which reduces travel time and the number of vehicles on road during rush hours and therefore helps to alleviate congestion and minimalize fuel use and traffic disruption;
• Increase driving skills and develop more efficient driving techniques by our drivers;
• Increase environmental awareness in our drivers through the adequate system of trainings.



• Minimazie a use of disposables and reduce packaging waste e. g. implementation of reusable tableware, water and other food items provided in jugs or bulks instead of individually packaged;
• Avoid unnecessary food waste by a short-term reconfirmation of the number of participants;
• Offer organic and locally available products, seasonal fruit and vegetables bought from local producers;
• Menu paper is recyclable unless the organizer wishes not to have a printed menu at all;
• The use of recyclable bins in kitchen and back-up facilities;
• Replace paper napkins with multiuse linen ones;
• The use of biodegradable detergents to wash the dishware and catering equipment;
• Sustainable logistics of catering transport in order to limit the number of vehicles at work;
• On request, we may ask participants to ”sign up” for meals by letting us know in advance what meals they choose.

Choice of a Conference/ Event Venue

• Conference venue that involves as few transportation need as possible, and if possible, can be easily reached by the means of public transport;
• Conference venue that has already implemented a programme of sustainability and environmental friendliness;
• Conference venue that uses natural light;
• Conference venue whose management is aware of the ”green” aspects of the event management and proves willingness to cooperate within this area.

Voluntary Work for the Society

• Permanent contact and cooperation with organizations and associations supporting people in need, especially orphanages and family type children homes;
• Employees performing different types for activities such as doing up the house, painting children’s rooms, cleaning the garden, planting trees and flowers etc. Afterwards, a shared meal and spare time with children;
• Christmas action ”Noble Parcel”: every employee buys one thing as a gift for those in need.

Voluntary Work for the Society